The  Viking architect that designs more than Longhouses
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Shops and Offices
Industrial Units
Design Lines has designed doctors surgeries and creche-nursery schemes for private clients,  and have worked on several offices and shops in and around the North East.
Design Lines Architects itself does not have a huge portfolio of commercial  projects,  however,  principal architect Steven Lines has over the years designed many commercial buildings whilst in previous employment.  Such schemes include several retirement homes, a council chamber for Aycliffe Town Council, offices for Reg Vardy, and starter business units at Blyth and Sunderland for English Partnerships.
Design Lines Architects has worked with several large industrial companies,  the biggest of which was Philips Components Ltd. at Belmont in Durham, where the practice regularly undertook internal alteration and refurbishment projects.
In previous employment principal architect Steven Lines was project architect for two of the larger extensions at the Belmont site for Philips,  however,  the complex has since closed and Philips TV production relocated. He has also worked closely with ICI for manufacturing facilities in Dumfries and Blackburn.
Vehicle Workshops
In 2010 Design Lines completed a comprehensive refurbishment and refit of existing garage facilities including a large garage workshop extension for  Fred Henderson of Durham City.