The  Viking architect that designs more than Longhouses
Made on a Mac
Our insight into how buildings are supposed to go together gives us a good grounding in knowing how and why buildings fail.  Design Lines therefore offers a building defects service to help owners locate and rectify problems with their buildings. This can range from advice regarding minor damp or water ingress through to more serious faults.
Off The Shelf House Designs
Over the years Design Lines has built up a stock of standardised house plans that are available for purchase without appointing us for full design services.  These can be used anywhere, so are not limited to our usual operational area.  If you are interested please contact us for more details.
Legal Plans
We are able to measure an existing building and provide detail drawings for legal or letting purposes. For example : Anyone wanting to let out parts of a commercial building will need to have detail plans to include within the lease documents. Similarly we can provide drawings for fire zoning and similar operational schematics and drawings for a company health and safety file.
Green Issues
It is undeniable that over recent years there has been a lot of talk about global warming, and as a result there has emerged several ‘green’ packages for buildings. 
Whether you subscribe to the global warming theory or not,  these new technologies can save you money, from grey-water recycling to reduce your water bill,  to sustainable energy solutions to reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. If you are thinking about such things then Design Lines can help with advice as to what options would be viable for you.
Contract and Project
With our knowledge of building contracts and the building industry generally we can advise with, help or even undertake project management. 
Through our involvement with business networking we have a trusted set of tradesmen we can recommend to undertake packages of works for such projects.
Expert Witness
We can provide solicitors and their clients with invaluable expert advice in building disputes and their resolution.  Contact us for further details.
CDM Regulations
Where a project is notifiable to the HSE under the Construction Design and Management Regulations we are able to act for clients as their “principal designer”.  
We can act in this capacity for projects that we have designed,  or else as independent consultants for third party designs.
Building Defects Inspections