The  Viking architect that designs more than Longhouses
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In our private lives our main hobby is Viking reenactment and whilst this is totally separate from our day to day architecture,  the two have crossed paths and which has led us to having several busman’s holidays helping with period timber longhouses in Norway.
This in turn has given us a unique insight into the development and designs of timber buildings which we can now pass on to our clients. In this we believe that we are probably unique,  having both the architectural training and the hands on experience of actually building such structures. 
Whilst we appreciate that very few people will want a longhouse building, there are specialist museums and schools that would benefit from our experience and knowledge when constructing or even just discussing period replica buildings. If you are one of them please contact us for more details about employing us for actual work or lectures.
Click here to see what we do for a hobby. This link takes you to the website of the UK’s oldest and largest dark age reenactment society.....
In 2010-11 we were commissioned to design a replica longhouse at Haroldswick,  Unst,  for the Shetland Amenity Trust.   
The picture to the left shows the longhouse under construction in 2012 whilst the image above is the completed house.   
The pictures shown right are of Bukkoy Viking Farm,  part of the Avaldsnes project in Norway.